Advanced Research Team

Our Advanced Research Team is responsible for applied research that continuously delivers our next generation of products. At SageTea Software, we know that our clients don’t always have time to look ahead at what is coming. Our mission is to serve our partners and their clients by always being ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and the competition. We achieve this by leveraging past successful technologies, or new technologies and finding innovative ways to employ them.

We have a strong track record on innovation and this is something our customers value.

We achieve improved efficiencies in business by employing all kinds of technology in ways that no one has thought of before. We invent our own advanced solutions starting with the state of the art – and going beyond it. We observe the markets and continuously work to anticipate the future needs of our customer base. Our innovation strategy includes performing pre-commercial innovation work to produce and test solution prototypes and initial product versions. The Advanced Research Team supports funding through the Build In Canada Innovation Program.

Ahmed Ibrahim – Innovation Specialist

Ahmed Ibrahim is responsible for development in the Advanced Research Team using a wide variety of technologies. Currently he is developing using Amber Smalltalk and Apache Cordova as a powerful new cross compiler that converts SageTea/Smalltalk directly into Javascript. Integration points include native applications that are cross platform including support for Android, iPAD, Blackberry/SDK and iPhone.


Watch Demo of Amber making an Android App

Lemay Solutions Consulting Incorporated (LSCI)

On August 28, 2017, LSCI and SageTea Software signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the purpose of delivering a new software package called Text to Software Deep Learning. Read more about Text to Software Deep Learning.

Tom Koschate – Senior Engineer – System Architect

Tom has over 30 years of professional experience in the software development field, in industries including human resources, logistics, manufacturing and finance. He has worked on systems from PCs to mainframes, in roles that include developer, team lead and architect. Past clients include Honda Canada, CACEIS (Canada) Ltd, and the Hay Group. Tom holds a B.A. Sc. In Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto.

Tom coordinates between the Advanced Research Team and Customer Success Teams.