Getting the Golden Ticket to the Software Factory

6 Nov

Getting the Golden Ticket to the Software Factory

As one of the marketing folks here at SageTea Software, I am never at a loss for ideas for what product(s) we should build next. What makes matters worse, or better, is that our Text to Software tool allows us to build software applications quite quickly.

Therein lies the problem.

Granted, it’s a nice problem to have. However, since we are less encumbered by the usual time restrictions associated with traditional programming, we had a bottleneck of ideas but lacked an efficient way to triage ideas for further exploration.

When your organization has the tools to do things quickly, the question quickly becomes, “How do we prioritize what to do next?”

It’s been on organization-wide effort to define the process by which we generate ideas, determine market feasibility, resource allocation, etc.  We are excited as we are finalizing our process for the “Software Factory”.  The idea of the Software Factory is a company-wide process that starts at the idea stage and ends with a market-ready application.  We have some pretty ambitious goals for the number of software applications we can launch given our technology and process.

We will be sure to keep everyone up to date here on the blog on how we are doing and any course corrections required along the way.

If you find the possibility of minimizing the time criteria involved in getting sophisticated software products to market intriguing, I invite you to check out our Technology page to learn more about our Text to Software tool.