Electronic Medical Records – A New Vision

13 Nov

Electronic Medical Records – A New Vision

These are challenging times for medical practitioners. Between the potential threat of Ebola and the massive but routine amount of information that specialists have to keep up with; keeping up with provincial EMR requirements can seem like an overwhelming burden.

It’s not that anyone thinks digital medical record keeping is unnecessary. MD’s recognize the incredible importance of tracking a patient’s health and being able to communicate between health care providers. The Information Age has been a boon for patient health care as ER doctors can look up patient records from a GP’s database and avoid possible life-threatening delays or contraindications.

What seems to be bugging doctors is the legislated shift to digital records. Given their already hectic schedules, how will they find time to change their record keeping system(s)? How will they handle the hundreds or thousands of paper records created over the years? Will it slow down the clinic process thus annoying patients? How will their older staff adapt to new systems? Will they have to let go of staff? Will it cut into their time with a patient?

Despite the obvious benefits to the medical industry, doctors are resisting the change and many of those who have switched to digital are unhappy. Why is this?

Word on the street amongst doctors is that the first-out-of-the-gate software solutions are very cumbersome and even slow right down or crash at times. This isn’t helping to facilitate the change, especially amongst older physicians who have been efficiently using paper files for their entire career and might not be as comfortable with computer programs.

We at SageTea Software can’t change legislation but we can offer an alternative to the current first-generation of medical software programs.

SageTea Software has produced Vision– the industry’s newest clinic management software for ophthalmologists. Vision is, from the ground up, faster, easier and simpler to use than anything currently available.

SageTea Vision software provides practitioners with a complete medical clinic software program that does everything from booking to billing. SageTea Vision Software took the features of existing software, plus integrated billing and added features that ophthalmologists were asking for like drawing and automatic report creation.

We listened to what doctors wanted and created a simple and complete solution to their ophthalmology clinic’s needs. Vision is faster to adopt, easier to use and more responsive than any other medical software program on the market.

Your time is valuable. Don’t spend another moment on older programs that fail meet to your needs. Check out SageTea Software’s Vision.