Is Your Medical EMR Software Driving You Crazy?

20 Nov

Is Your Medical EMR Software Driving You Crazy?

You’re a busy doctor! You have a thriving practice but are plagued by problems with the EMR software that you had to buy to digitize your records. Your patients are waiting longer and getting frustrated, your staff is complaining and you are spending money on a system that doesn’t do everything that you need. Does this sound familiar?

Too many doctors are having to put up with EMR systems that don’t work or don’t do what they need – and they’re paying the price for it. It’s time to take a look at what’s going on.

Do you have some or all of these problems?

  • Is your staff complaining because the software is too complicated? Does it have too many features not relevant to your specialty because it’s a one-size-fits-all program?
  • Does the software slow down or crash, does it need constant upgrades, is your software provider not listening to you or giving you the support you need?
  • Is the software missing common sense features you need like billing?
  • Would you love to have the ability to draw within the software thus necessitating manual entries and paper records for part of the patient process?
  • Is your current EMR costing you too much money?

SageTea Software has been listening to the needs and concerns of doctors and their staff and have developed an easy-to-use EMR platform that addresses their needs.

SageTea Software’s innovative EMR platform gives you:

  1. Simplicity – a simple to use, yet robust platform that allows you to easily navigate around the program.
    • Staff can quickly learn the to use the program with less frustration and downtime
    • Faster processing reduces patient wait time
    • Easy-to-use charts give doctors more time with their patients
  2. Easy Customization – our proprietary “Text to Software” tool was used to build the EMR platform which enables us to easily customize the system to your clinic’s needs.
    • Add your own custom forms
    • Add procedures or processes that are unique to your practice
    • Add any number of rooms or physicians to tailor the system to the size of your clinic
  3. Features – of course our EMR solutions have all the general scheduling features that you would expect plus features to make managing your workflow an easy process from appointment to payment.
    • Integrated Provincial health care billing
    • Integrated Private health care billing
    • Drawing features within the application allow you to draw or annotate on diagnostic imaging files
    • Email reports or referrals directly from the software
    • Patient tracking – you can easily view results over the patient history to show changes over time

SageTea Software developed the medical EMR platform as a solution to the problems that too many doctors were having with the programs currently available on the market.

To showcase how quickly we can adapt the medical EMR platform, we built, Vision, the first EMR application designed specifically for Ophthalmologists. Ophthalmology clinics are known for having very unique workflows and SageTea Software’s medical EMR platform handles these complexities with ease.

With SageTea Software’s medical EMR software, you no longer have to make do with all the disadvantages, complexity, and pricing of the one-size-fits-all approach of the products currently available.

If you are an Ophthalmologist, and the idea of SageTea Vision sounds like the key to streamlining your practice, check out the details on the SageTea Vision page.

If you’re not an Ophthalmologist, that’s OK. We are confident that no matter how complex you think your practice may be, our medical EMR platform will make real and immediate results for your practice. Give us a call at 877-722-2091 or contact us to learn more.