Vision – It’s All in the Details

25 Nov

Vision – It’s All in the Details

SageTea Software has worked closely with doctors to develop a revolutionary new EMR application for clinical practices; and from this application platform have designed, Vision, the industry’s newest EMR program designed specifically for Ophthalmologists.

A lot of time and input from both doctors and clinical staffers was required to develop this application as it was integral for us to learn the workflow system of a busy medical practice. All of them helped us to understand what clinics really need.

One of the biggest breakthroughs though came from an almost random comment from a doctor. He said that scheduling and billing were necessary but what he really needed was the ability to draw on a diagram. He said that it wasn’t that the other features were less important but rather that he was frustrated that his current program was so incomplete.

The available EMR programs provided all the usual office features but seriously lacked the more specific tools that he needed to do his job. It would be like having a computer to run the office but not the eye equipment necessary to do his tests. Despite having adopted an EMR program, he still lacked the ability to incorporate his drawings of a patient’s eye into their digital Patient Record. This left him frustrated as well as annoyed. All the time, effort and money spent on the government required EMR software still left him with a pencil and paper.

This is where the light bulb really went off for us. One random comment showed us how we could provide real value to doctors – and absolutely confirmed for us that an integral element was missing in the generally available EMR programs.

We went on to complete our Vision program for this Ophthalmologist following his specifications. He now has exactly what he needs and we now know exactly what Ophthalmologists need.

It is both our attention to detail plus taking the time to truly understand what a customer requires that is, part of, what makes Vision a breakthrough product. We did this because we believe that doctors and their staff work hard and deserve the tools that they require to do the important job of looking after our health.

If you believe this is important too then check out the SageTea Software difference. We are the “bespoke tailors” of the EMR program industry.