Tis the Season for Hockey Software

2 Dec

Tis the Season for Hockey Software

As temperatures drop and ponds freeze, Canadian kids dig out their hockey gear and head out the door for some winter fun.  Hockey is one of those iconic images that people have about Canada.  It’s part of our culture and our identity.  And we like to be the best at it.

There are a whole array of support systems like camps, classes, and programs to teach kids how to play hockey.  These sessions can be found after school and in the early morning ringed by parents clutching coffee mugs as they watch their 6 to 16 year olds do practice drills and plays.

It is a passion that we take seriously and one that we collectively put a lot of effort into.  Even software companies. SageTea Software was recently approached by a dad and part-time hockey coach who had heard about our software and wanted a better way to coach his team.  There were other coaching aids on the market but none of them had the flexibility that he wanted in features like creating his own plays.  He also thought that there could be a lucrative market amongst other similarly frustrated coaches.

The big problem for our hockey dad was that the available products on the market each had some of the features that he wanted but there was no one program that had them all.  So our task was to create a program that combined all the features that he wanted into one program. SageTea Software assigned the task to a second year computer student from the University of Ottawa who was with us on a summer placement. She had never used our software platform, Text to Software, before but was able in a few months to complete a hockey coaching program with all the features he wanted.

The beta version was completed in time for hockey season and our hockey dad was eager to try it out with the kids.  He used the application and thought it was great but has come back with requests for further customizations that we’re working on now.   Software, like any achievement, is built through a series of small steps.

We’re proud to be able to contribute to the success of this great game. It might not be the kind of big contribution that gets our name on the boards in an NHL arena, but in small towns or small ponds across Canada, kids will have the chance to play just a little bit better because coaches like our hockey dad cared that little bit more to create his own hockey coaching program.

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