Update: 14 Year Old Uses Text to Software to Create Videogame

3 Dec

Update: 14 Year Old Uses Text to Software to Create Videogame

Last month we blogged about how Vanja, the son of one of our programmers, came in to SageTea’s office on Bring Your Child to Work day (“14 Year Old Uses Text to Software to Create Software Application in Less Than 6 Hours”, November 7th) and spent the day building a school-oriented application. He built this application using our software platform, “Text to Software”, while learning the tool for the first time.

It was almost a month later and so I thought I’d check in on our youngest programmer.

Vanja told me that he had continued to use Text to Software in his spare time at home and with it had built a videogame for him and his 10 year old brother, Stefan, to play. He explained that it was a war strategy game that he called, “Lord of the Village”.

I was amazed at how much he had created in a few weeks while keeping up with all his high school homework. Vanja told me that it didn’t take him very long though to build the program. He said too that he imported a landscape that he had created from a game called “Minecraft” and then built his own game by creating new rules. Vanja said, “It was a lot of fun to play the game for the first time with my brother”.

Vanja took me through details of all the rules and how it was played. The game world is a village as seen from an aerial view. There is a parliament where rules are made, energy plants, farms with animals, a forest for wood, and mines for minerals. A player can shoot, move around or trade things and tries to get more people to join him – but then needs additional food, wood and houses for these people.

He told me that you can just battle or you can negotiate for things like exchanging food for the energy plant or buying it with gold. “If just war then the game is over faster”, said Vanja.  Vanja added that he got the idea for exchanging goods from what is going on in the Ukraine right now.

Vanja has a lot more ideas for rules and features that he wants to add, and also plans for making a whole world in his next game but will finish this game first. He hopes that he will have more time to work on his game this weekend as school has been very busy lately.

I asked Vanja what he thought about making a video game from the Text to Software program. He said, “I am starting to learn Java and C++ in school but there is a big difference. With SageTea I can do more than I thought I could. Everything is easier, better – everything is better”.

For a village, or world of possibilities, check out our technology for yourself.