Private Content Networks

7 Apr

Private Content Networks

The World Wide Web is based on two parts, the Surface Web and the Deep Web. The Surface Web is maintained based on applications which are programmed using scripting languages– an awkward and labor intensive job. Newer object oriented programming languages and frameworks have come forth in the following decade – all of them having the goal of doing the job of translating plain language requirements into the resulting programs. The success of any particular programming language is ultimately measured by the amount of human labor needed to translate requirements into working software. Looking more deeply, the real goal of any language is to have human beings talk with machines. Historically, this has only worked if a programmer works to change the syntax from natural language into one that a machine understands. With costs of software development reaching well into the billions, the entire web cannot completely unify until its inefficiencies and awkwardness are overcome. The obvious next step for this to happen is to bring natural and machine based programming languages together over a Private Content Network.

PrivacyOur strategy with our tools is therefore to converge natural and programming languages into a unified global network of machines and people working together.

SageTea® is a simple language designed to automatically transform natural language into computer programs – without programming. This is a doorway to global network computing and the formation of Private Content Networks.

A Private Content Network (PCN) is one in which only members of a PCN can selectively produce, join, control and commercialize content. PCN content is considered to be both data and the application that runs it. Software efficiency and standardization are the drivers we see fostering organic growth of PCNs as Deep Web applications. SageTea’s patented search algorithm is integrated with SageTea Browser providing rapid search engine capabilities to Private Content Networks.

SageTea Browser is our free product designed for accessing Private Content Networks. Designed to work over the Deep Web, SageTea Browser supports private navigation of content across PCNs. SageTea Browser uses a new protocol for identifying private locations of content. It is called a Private Resource Location or PRL “Pearl”.

If multiple SageTea applications are connected they can form organically into Private Content Networks (PCN’s). Our future goal with PCN’s is to design them with properties such that they can answer key questions about today’s need for both privacy and commercialization technology on the Internet.

Through SageTea Browser, any user of SageTea technology will be able to seamlessly share their applications to form Private Content Networks. This could be done for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Each SageTea user will be able to control what parts of their application they share within their networks and set policies for joining, accessing and leaving other Private Content Networks. Private Content Networks will prevent any one user of company from being able to wrestle control away from another original content producer.

The growth of Private Content Networks can naturally help restore privacy to the World Wide Web and ensure that it remains truly free.

Events such as the September 11th attacks teach us that the Internet has the potential to strengthen human rights and to hold the powerful to account through the rapid searching and sharing of free information. It could also be used to diminish basic human rights, expand the control of the state and corporations over our lives. Private Content Networks help to return privacy and control to individuals by enabling them to always own their own content, and how and where it is used with other privately controlled content.

For further reading, we recommend Cloudwards article about the Deep Web and Dark Net.


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