SageTea and BCIP

10 May

SageTea and BCIP

In April of this year, SageTea successfully delivered its first Build in Canada Innovation Project – the Mining Data Classification System.  This application provides roles based data access for all stakeholders involved in mine remediation projects.

There are long-term and far reaching side effects of mining.   For many years, it was a tale of high adventure filled with jobs, prosperity and opportunity in Canada.  Unfortunately, in time, this adventure changed into a horror story of environmental disaster that has haunted the people for many years.

And the horror continues.

So, what is being done to mitigate the effects of decades of contamination?

One of the core requirements for the project was creating and managing a large database that could be easily accessed, based on appropriate security levels.  This was a great project to test SageTea’s ability to handle extremely large data sets and worked with the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) to develop the requirements for the project.

SageTea then got to work building the solution to project specifications.  Delivered within budget and on schedule the solution is, by all reports, being well received and discussions are underway for further features and projects.

This solution can easily be customized to help manage any number of environmental remediation projects from municipal brownfields to other large resource extraction clean-up projects.  Given the growing requirement for environmental awareness in all of Canada’s resource industry it could also easily be used in existing mining, oil and other resource extraction projects.

There are literally hundreds of abandoned mines scattered throughout Canada.  There is no way to turn back the clock to prevent other ecological disasters from happening but SageTea Software is proud of the small role it is playing in helping to clean them up.