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27 May

Why Deep Learning is important for Big Data

Over the last few decades, huge amounts of data has gone into data warehouses in various forms. Historically, businesses of all sizes have focused on storing data securely. Security can be defined in a variety of ways, the most common and fundamental of which are being protected from data loss, theft, ransom, as well as […]
16 May

CCITAGS Conference AI Panel Round Up

The Canadian Conference on IT Audit and Security took place on March 17th to 19th at the Hyatt Regency in Toronto. I was invited to speak on a panel regarding Artificial Intelligence. Here is a round up on the panelists and their areas of interest: Panelist Description Each Panelist’s unique perspectives   Employment Skills Development […]
11 Jan

My Visit to NASA

I took a vacation to Orlando, Florida from January 1st to 6th with my family. They visited Disney World, Universal Studios and after that we went to the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. This is where NASA has been launching rockets for decades including the Space Shuttle. I was impressed from the start at […]