Installing SageTea Cloud for Linux

SageTea Cloud is available for Ubuntu Linux. Here are the steps to install it.

The optimal configuration for your Ubuntu Linux box is to set it up with a fully qualified domain name.

  1. Go to this link
  2. Download the file sageteacloud.deb to an Ubuntu Linux system
  3. Start a terminal by running the command “Xterm”
  4. Go the directory that has the file sageteacloud[latest version].deb
  5. From the command line run the command: “sudo dpkg -i sageteacloud[latest version].deb”

Once you have completed these steps you can login to your new SageTea Cloud using Text to Software. The server IP address will be the IP address of the computer on which you installed SageTea Cloud. The port number will be 7000 by default.

The SageTea Cloud’s web server will be located at http://[your machine IP address]:7001.

You can make your SageTea Cloud into a private cloud that uses your server’s local IP address by running the command “StartPrivateCloud”. Alternately you can make your cloud public by running the command “StartPublicCloud” from the command line.