The Mining Data Classification System

(MDCS) is a application that provides roles based access to a centralized repository of information related to mining remediation projects.”

MDCS Dashboard: The MDCS Dashboard is an internal tool for managers that provides immediate access to real time information. Its specific metrics can be easily customized using Text to Software.

MDCS ATIP Request Manager: The MDCS ATIP Request Manager is an ATIP workflow management tool within MDCS. It is an centralized searchable location for ATIP requests relating to the mining data.

MDCS Data Classification Manager: The MDCS Data Classification Manager provides workflow for classifying and storing data while allowing appropriate external access through a controlled access to information system.

MDCS Big Data Migration Tool: The MDCS Big Data Migration Tool provides automatic data import thus cutting down on the time, cost and potential for human error in the data importation process.

MDCS Reporting Tool: The MDCS Reporting Tool generates reports directly into Excel or PDF formats.  Reports can be easily customized using these standard tools.