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C.A.Playbook is the most advanced hockey drill draw software you can use.

Hockey practice plans are not about X’s and O’s and squiggly lines!
For you to be successful it is critical that your players and your coaching staff clearly understand your practice plans. Now you can use C.A.Playbook and get it right the first time.

C.A.Playbook is the only hockey practice planner that has all of these features and much more, you can to choose half rink or full rink plays and practice plans, you can choose hockey players that are right and left handed shots, your hockey players that can skate both forwards and backwards, as well you can add coaches to your practice plans using the very easy drag and drop interface.

Other features that this app includes customizable skating paths and skating speeds, as well as customizable passing paths and passing speeds.
Your plans are output as video that can be viewed by anyone you want to show them to, video output can be viewed using any media player on any device, and you can also share your plans by email, post them on your team web site, or even bring them along with your phone or tablet.

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