SageTea Developer Partner Program

The SageTea Developer Partner Program is designed to enable a third party software  company to work directly with SageTea Software to market and sell an integrated codeless solution.

How it works:

  1. Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with SageTea Software to begin the on-boarding process. You will receive access to the SageTea Developer Partner Repository once your partner agreements are completed.
  2. Get access to the SageTea Developer Kit by logging into the SageTea Developer Partner Repository.
  3. Work with the SageTea Customer Success Team to develop, integrate and test the third party code with Text to Software.
  4. Once testing is completed the new solution is certified by SageTea and the new integrated solution is published by SageTea Software under agreed upon branding and marketing guideliness (as defined in the MoU and subsequent agreements).
  5. The partner is now able to deploy all the capabilities from their third party software without need for further coding. All third party features are now available to all developers and customers using Text to Software.
  6. The partner’s customers benefit from getting faster access to the features they have come to expect from their provider.
  7. The partner benefits from getting access to ongoing revenue streams through their licensing agreements with SageTea Software.
  8. SageTea Software actively promotes the partner solution through its business network and channel partners.