SageTea Link

SageTea Link is a new tool by SageTea Software that is designed to extract, transform and load (ETL) data from a wide range of databases.  It transforms data from old systems, organizes it and then integrates it with other or new databases.  This helps people working with even large sets of data to transform their data into the format they want by using SageTea Link.

SageTea Link is a mapping and data integration system that is fast and reliable.  This is because our patented method of translating complex data structures into seven tables makes the data load and mapping process faster, more accurate and more cost effective than any other application on the market.

SageTea Link is designed to be used with Text-to-Software®.  It is part of the SageTea Stack of products.

SageTea Link can be applied to a broad range of database platforms and is not just for Text-to-Software® databases.

Our state-of-the art features

  • Comprehensive data import tool without the need for complex workarounds or coding
  • Automation of the ETL process providing ease-of-use, even by non-technical staff
  • Object-oriented metadata modelling for superior data mapping
  • Agnostic integration with a broad range of database platforms like Microsoft Excel and Access, ODBC, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle and SQL Server

SageTea Link addresses the following challenges

  • Updates and/or improves the structure of complex legacy database systems
  • Solves short turnaround or limited project financing issues
  • Maps existing data accurately and efficiently
  • Provides easy Change Management
  • Eliminates the high cost of database management


SageTea Link pricing is structured for both Small Business or Enterprise.

SageTea Link for Small Business is paid either monthly or annually.  SageTea Link for Enterprise Business is paid as a one-time perpetual license with Perpetual Assurance, paid annually.