How SageTea helped the Winnipeg Foot and Ankle Clinic

SageTea EMR – Podiatry

One of the problems I had was that none of the current EMR providers could capture all of my unique medical data within the field of Podiatry. As a result, current issues consisted of using partially filled fields over different forms. Now, all of my forms content and processes work inside a complete workflow solution. SageTea EMR – Podiatry was able to capture all these data points specialized to Podiatry and turn it into a virtual office work flow as the patient moved from reception into the clinic rooms, either to surgery or MSK ultrasound and then back to reception.

SageTea’s unique value enables them to provide complete customization that can be done within weeks to even minutes by capturing any type of clinical level data into a virtual usable work flow. This unique value provides clients like myself with a minimal cost/benefit ratio to allow smaller clinics to become very efficient.

The difference with SageTea relative to any other EMR provider is literally in “real-time” describing a process verbally to then see this turn into fields inside an integrated virtual office work flow to happen in minutes.

Dr. Amar M. Gupta

Podiatrist – Winnipeg Foot and Ankle Clinic