SageTea Inc. is a privately controlled software company in Ottawa, Canada that has been in business for ten years.  SageTea specializes in customized software tools and services for the Canadian Government as well as for national and international clients.

SageTea’s core product, Text-to-Software®, is a unique, patented system for developing customized software.  The company has had major design wins with the Canadian federal government and successful solutions delivered in the Health Care and Warehousing industries.

Our workforce is composed of technology professionals, high performance executives, engineers, MBA and graduate students, top level undergraduate students and visionaries.

SageTea strategic partnerships include:

  • Willis College, one of Canada’s premiere IT training colleges;
  • Decisive/BriteSky, Decisive’s custom IT solutions wrapped with BriteSky’s high level data security for government and enterprise level clients; and,
  • Cobalt Speech and Language, Cobalt offers a broad variety of speech and natural language recognition, understanding, analysis, TTS, as well as expert consulting.

SageTea works closely with Universities such as the University of New Brunswick’s, Faculty of Computer Science on funded research projects and job training programs.

SageTea is always looking for the top new talent in sales, technology, marketing, finance, and business development.  If we don’t have a position open for you at this time, we still encourage you to contact us to get your resume on file.


We are a proud member SmartAlliance to support accelerate the transition to Canada’s Sustainable Economy

Through our enterprise sub-divisions, we offer our customers and partners various solutions. Our conservation strategies and eco-friendly solutions help lead the way to a more sustainable future, and Our team members are working together to create solutions for a more sustainable world.