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Importing, Exporting and Saving Application Data

If an application has already been started and saved using the Text-to-Software tool, that application can be imported from multiple sources.

Importing an Application data from a .dlc file

1. Start with a new application by clicking File, New Application.

Now Text-to-Software is ready to begin the development of a new application.

2. To import an existing application from a .dlc file, click File, Load Application.
3. Find the appropriate .dlc file and click Open.
4. The application data will be imported into Text-to-Software

Exporting application data to a Word document

Exporting to Word is useful when a document that outlines the business requirements is needed. Text-to-Software has the ability to reverse engineer requirements into text. So, in this case it’s not Text-to-Software, it’s actually software to text.

NOTE! Exporting to Word requires having the application in Text-to-Software, and also having Word installed on the system being used.
Follow these steps when exporting application data to a Word document:

1. From the Requirements tab, click on the Project Lifecycle menu
2. Click Text-to-Software
3. Click Export Word Doc.

Text-to-Software immediately opens and creates a Word document. It will then prompt to give it a file name and save it.

NOTE! It is important to NOT click on the document as it is being created. Doing so will cause the text to continue to be written wherever you click in the document.

Importing data from .txt files

When you’re using Text-to-software, you don’t have to limit yourself to Word files.
For more information about the rules that apply for Text-to-software, see:

Creating Smart Parts With Text-to-software Synonyms
• Writing Text-to-software Commands; and
• The “Creating [Components] Using Text-to-software” topics.

1. Click the Requirements Analysis tab.
2. Click Reverse Engineering, Import Text File.
3. Navigate to the file you want to import.
4. Click Open.

Exporting your Software as a Word Document

Exporting a Word document takes the application you’re working on in Text-to-software and applies the rules of Text-to-software to it. Text-to-software then exports a perfect Text-to-software document of the application. If you took the exported document and imported it into a blank application, the document would recreate your application perfectly.

So, why would you want to do this? Basically, it will let you edit your software as a Word document instead of in Text-to-Software. You can take the exported document and make changes to it. Then, when you upload it, you will see those changes in your software.

1. Click the Requirements Analysis tab.
2. Click the Project Lifecycle menu, then click Import Word Doc.
3. The document opens in Word. Save the Word document.

Saving Application Data as a .dlc file

There are times when exporting an application as a data file is required.

This is useful for:

Transferring an application from one system to another and Backing up an application.

To do this, follow these steps:
1. Click File
2. Click Save Application As

NOTE! Just as with many other applications or documents, once the application has been saved once, it can continue to be saved simply by clicking File, Save Application.

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