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Installing Text-to-Software Application

Text-to-Software is used to build applications. Every application developed using Text-to-Software is launched using one of three versions of Text-to-Software Runtime:

1. The SageTea Browser is a stand-alone version that is located locally on a computer
2. The Browser is launched via the SageTea Cloud Browser
3. The Text-to-Software Client, which is integrated into Text-to-Software

The SageTea Browser can be thought of as the shell that surrounds the application.

To install an application using the SageTea Browser, follow these steps:

1. Download and install the Browser using the following link: https://sageteasoftware.com/download/windows/SageTeaTextToSoftware.exe
2. The SageTea Browser Setup Wizard will guide you through the different stages. Follow the prompts and click Next to continue.
3. This is the second stage. Click on Install for Current User and then click Next.
4. Select Typical and then click Next.
5. Click Install to install the program. Once that is complete, click Finish.
6. Go to your computer’s Downloads folder or search function to find the downloaded “SageTea Browser” and open it.
7. Install the program by following these steps:

• Click on Computer Health Check first to see your computer capacity. Then click Next.
• Click Have Account and then Next to move forward
• Check I have a private server, then enter the User Name, Password, My Cloud Server and My Cloud Number.

NOTE! It is important to remember that the information is case sensitive.

When complete, click Connect to Cloud to open the application.

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