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Mapping Requirements from Text-to-Software

Understanding the logic flow from a requirements document, through the Text-to-Software tool to a finished business application

There are three kinds of basic information that need to be considered when developing an application in Text-to-Software:

1. The Requirements document – which is something a client or business analyst will either provide or that will be developed with a client
2. The Text-to-Software tool – which will be used to manipulate requirements in order to create an application
3. The final application.

The skill that needs to be developed is to be able to look at any one of these three pieces of information and see, in one’s mind, what the other two should look like.
In a given Requirements document, one should be able to begin to see what the final application might look like and what those seven boxes in Text-to-Software might contain.
When working in Text-to-Software, one should imagine what the Requirements document might contain, and what the final application should look like as well – and the same if looking at an application. The three are intrinsically related, and one mirrors the other.

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