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Using the Text-to-Software Assitant Editor

Once the start and end states for the transition have been defined and given a name, the transition that is to take place must then be defined. This is done using business rules. The Text-to-Software Assistant Editor helps convert the text business rules for controller state transitions into code that can be used in an application.

NOTE! The Text-to-Software Assistant Editor can also be accessed by clicking on a field, right-clicking and selecting Smart Parts, then selecting the Value Change Notification tab.

The Text-to-Software Assistant Editor is set up in three parts:
• Rule Name at the top and left defines events
• Select Logic at the top right selects logic
• Patterns at the bottom right sets the pattern.

The functions of the top and bottom left work similarly to each other.
The top and bottom parts are also divided into left and right.
1. The right side selects the logic to apply
2. The left side defines the rule and converts text into software.

Once the event and action have been defined, click the Save button at the bottom of the window and the controller state transition will be saved as a field or element. It can then be worked with like any other element.

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