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Welcome to the Text-to-Software® documentation

Welcome to the Text-to-software® documentation. This is where you will find help on using Text-to-software® to create amazing software without ever having to know what a string variable or a database schema is.

Text-to-software can appear a little intimidating at first, especially for users who have never programmed an application before.

Really, using Text-to-Software isn’t as difficult as it appears at first glance. But to help get you creating fantastic applications as fast as humanly possible (or faster), you can enjoy the Training available in the Text-to-Software by simply clicking File and then choosing Training. There, you will find an interactive step-by-step training that will accelerate your knowledge of Text-to-Software®. You can also find helpful resources in the Knowledge Center and in the Glossary of Terms.

The following help pages are organized to provide a high-level overview of the SageTea software and its components. We have also included information useful for software developers that wish to use our API.

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