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Working with Expert Text

Working with Expert Text

Text-to-Software ships with some expert text that you can use as a basis for an application, or that you can use to test before you start developing your own amazing software.

Using this expert text works like Text-to-Software. Text-to-Software imports the expert text and converts it to software using the Text-to-software rules.

Testing Automation Modes

You can use the expert text included with Text-to-Software to test out how the various modes will work with your Word document before you import your amazing document using Text-to-software.

In particular, expert text can help you identify which automation mode you want to use: manual mode, semi auto mode, or full auto mode. Try changing the automation mode (click the Project Lifecycle menu, then click the automation mode you would like) and then importing the expert text. Choosing different automation modes and then importing the text will help you compare what each automation mode does.

Learning To Write Text-to-software

Another use for expert text is learning how to write Text-to-Software documents. You could import the expert text, then export the text as a word document (click the Project Lifecycle menu, then click Export Word Doc). This will help you see how a well-tempered Text-to-software document is written.

Adding Expert Text To Your Application

There are several categories of expert text that you can add to your application, including IT, Medical, Quality Assurance, and Protocols.

Click the Expert Text menu, then click the category of expert text you want to add to your application.

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