SageTea Developer Kit

SageTea Software is a codeless technology designed to eliminate the need for programming. Programming languages are a barrier between the needs of end users who need software and the developers who make the software. By going codeless, this barrier is eliminated and with Text to Software anyone can make a program.

For this reason, SageTea Software provides its SageTea Developer Kit as Open Source to software developers through our SageTea Developer Partner Program. The SageTea Developers Kit enables developers to:

  • Integrate and publish their code for use with Text to Software
  • Develop and publish their own customized GUI components using SageTea API
  • Build and deploy solutions based on the patented SageTea database standard through a pre-built data manager API
  • Package and brand their intellectual property into codeless solutions available throughout SageTea’s business network and partners
  • Make their code compliant with the SageTea standard for codeless solutions
  • The SageTea Developer Kit is part of the SageTea Virtual Machine Open Source Project on GitHub