About Us

About Us

Started May 25, 2007, SageTea Software is a privately controlled Information Technology (IT) company based in Ottawa, Canada. SageTea Software specializes in customized software tools and services for the Canadian Government as well as for national and international clients through its distribution partners.


Help you gain an edge

We help businesses gain an edge with respect to unlocking the true potential of their data. SageTea Software accomplishes this through our data management, analytics services, helping organizations make crucial business decisions. Our data management, machine learning capabilities and research skills bring together context and data to generate meaningful business insights.


Full Stack Solutions

We enable data stewardship by offering hardware, software, and industry standard secure compliance processes that allows SageTea Software to offer full stack solutions to our clients. This approach provides robust practices and industry-efficient processes to empower data intelligence and forge ahead with data-driven and data-centric decision-making.


Driving digital growth

We ensure the integrity and quality of your data with data matching and enrichment to drive operational efficiency and digital growth and optimize data consistency and tactical remediation through automation and data de-duplication.


The right knowledge to help you grow your business

Our data scientists bring in the analytics capabilities and the right set of methodologies to solve business problems. Our workforce is composed of technology professionals, high performance executives, engineers, MBA and graduate students, top level undergraduate students and visionaries. SageTea Software works closely with universities on funded research projects and job training programs.


Low-code AI development

Our lead product is Text To Software, a low code AI tool that builds custom software from plain English text. With Text to Software, clients in almost any industry can transform the written word into a working software system with little or no coding and save a significant amount of time and money in the process.


Our values


SageTea’s patented development platform creates software applications with little or no coding. As a result, there are significantly fewer bugs caused by human error. Every application we develop is built to the highest security standards and we can provide our customers with Protected B (or higher) cloud storage solutions.


SageTea also works with other community organizations such as the Community Employment Resource Centre, IT 2.0, Youth Services Bureau and the International Talent Acquisition Centre.


As part of our commitment to the community, SageTea has worked closely with the co-op departments of the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, Algonquin College and Willis College to offer students from Canada and around the world the chance for their first real job in their chosen careers. We have also partnered with the University of New Brunswick’s Computer Sciences department to develop world-leading AI solutions.

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