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SageTea helps businesses gain an edge with respect to unlocking the true potential of their data. SageTea accomplishes this through our data management, and analytics services, assisting organizations to make crucial business decisions. Our data management, machine learning capabilities and research skills combine context and data to generate meaningful business insights. We offer our clients data analytics consulting services including marketing analytics, customer analytics, research analytics, sales analytics, and other data analytics services under one umbrella. Our data analytics solutions offer a comprehensive approach to data engineering and enterprise test data management that covers all the technical drivers required to capitalize on enterprise data resources fully.



Our lead product is Text to Software, a patented low-code AI tool that builds custom software from the plain English text. With Text to Software, clients in almost any industry can transform the written word into a working software system with little or no coding and save a significant amount of time and money in the process. As a codeless technology SageTea Text to Software was designed to eliminate the need for programming. It provides “low code” development where business analysts use the platform to describe what they want the software to do using human-understandable English and the platform employs an expert system to design, develop and implement the solution. This allows for rapid “Production-ready Prototyping.” This innovation has been recognized by the Canadian Federal Government as a huge step forward.


Text-to-Software is a software development tool. It is a “low code” tool that takes the complexity and mystery out of building software. It is an “expert system” that ingests text, converts it into requirements and instantiates a workflow automatically. If you can write down what you need, our tool can create software for you with extraordinarily little work by you. You don’t need a degree in Computer Science, and you can create software faster and with considerably less cost.
The result? “Working applications in considerably less time and at significantly less cost”. Text-to-Software manages a database automatically. It comes with a built-in cloud, has integrated security and access control, and supplies language management for your application. Text-to-Software® can automatically aid developers with built-in expert features.


SageTea AI is a cost effective, easy-to-use business tool that makes AI accessible for all levels of business:
• Designed for use by the business owner/analyst
• No need for a third party to install and customize
• Can read PDFs, Word documents, Text, and Images
• Processes substantial amounts of data
• Identifies Risks and Controls
• Enables Predictive Analytics
• AI Models are customizable to clients’ needs
• Available on SageTea Mobile phone- XFone


SageTea View Enterprise is an extremely powerful tool. Robust reporting capabilities combined with substantial customization and model training make the tool a holistic solution that delivers tremendous value to the end user and their clientele. Advanced reporting tools and features are further customized by our Data Scientists and reporting experts in collaboration with your team resulting in a truly efficient system tailored specifically to your needs. This is achieved by leveraging advanced AI model training and system integration. Monetize the reporting capabilities while providing insights and data that enable your customer to formulate and deploy business decisions and strategies. SageTea provides deployment, training, initial customization, support, and maintenance for the product.


XFone is a mobile phone that works like a computer. XFone is bare metal rooted and designed for serious Linux enthusiasts, coders, techs, engineers, IT & security pros. With SageTea Software, XFone adds custom low code AI tools to solve complex problems. We created XFone to run our server stack from anywhere. The XFone is the most programmable mobile device in the world. We create sophisticated workflow solutions via mobile computing directly on the XFone; centered around data, communication, process; and affordability. XFone is a Linux based cellphone made by SageTea. We achieve this by using our unique recoding process for industry standard hardware to produce Linux phones.

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