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A robust Low Code Tool with real intelligence

We takes the complexity and mystery out of building software. It is an “expert system” that ingests text, converts it into requirements and instantiates a workflow automatically.

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All the tools and resources needed to grow your business

At Sagetea we help you with all your complex needs. We basically have a solution for all your problems.

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Discover important insights on your dashboard

Our approach is based on using pre-built Smart Parts, like “lego”, to build applications. Other template driven software development platforms simply can’t offer this level of low-code customization.

Developer friendly

Smart, powerful AI

It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to further analyze data to produce graphs and data analyses that dig deeper and provide greater understandings than traditional software.

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Data Security

Extensive security reviews of Text to Software and the SageTea methodology of software development have been completed.

How we help

A robust Low Code Tool with real intelligence

SageTea Software has invented the world’s first commercial Natural Language Programming (NLP) development platform.


Agile Development Principles

Text-to-Software is ideally suited to Agile Software Development Principles.

AI Powered

It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to further analyze data to produce graphs and data analyses.


Smart dashboard

Smart Dashboard that powered by AI that helps you complete your tasks more efficiently.


Optimized platforms

Allows you to get started with experimentation and creating personalized content.

Data Security

Extensive security reviews of Text to Software development have been completed.

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Support available 24/7

Sagetea support available , technical support, or remote support,

SageTea has received an Innovative Solutions Canada award. This award will have us working with the Document Imaging Services Directorate of Public Services and Procurement Canada to make government documents more accessible to the visibly impaired.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SageTea was created with the vision of delivering customized software effectively and efficiently, in shorter time and lower cost. SageTea Inc. is a Canadian company, located in Ottawa that is expert in creating working software directly from text, using Text-to-Software.

The SageTea Application Server implements a business process by building a model that contains States, Activities, Groups, Elements, Transitions, Events, and Actions. SageTea is designed to allow someone to easily add these things together to quickly produce a workable process that can be given to teams of people and machines

Text-to-Software® is the world’s first Natural Language Processing (NLP) development platform. It sets up an application from an imported requirements Word document and then tailors it using pre-built “Smart Parts”.

SageTea provides training for new clients on how to use their SageTea Applications.

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