The Edge of Liberty. It’s in everything we do. It’s how we do it.

Our Corporate Values

Edge. The outside limit of an object, area, or surface; a place or part farthest away from the center of something. Like the outside limit one finds in themselves, in that place among the competition, in that moment in history where the pinnacle is reached.

We can help you find your Edge

We make products that are different. We are giving them that Edge, customized. To give them the advantage.

Who we are

A passionate team on a mission

SageTea is an Ottawa based software company with offices across Canada. We have been in business over ten years. We specialize in custom software, hardware and professional services for government, private and international clients. Our solutions give you the edge.

Utilizing advanced technologies

SageTea provides a full range of custom solutions for our clients. We work with Text to Software, and do systems integration with a team of experienced software engineers. We work with a suite of languages and technologies.

What is SageTea?

SAGETEA is our method for storing data, creating business logic and generating screens. Text To Software is designed to read  business requirements written in plain English and then turn them into low code SAGETEA applications.  Text To Software makes screens, logic and a SAGETEA database automatically.Text-to-Software®