SageTea Data Analytics

Data Management and Analytics Services

To help manage corporate data throughout its life cycle, we implement a comprehensive data management program, which includes the following elements:

Data governance

⦁ Drawing up data governance standards and policies to ensure data availability, integration, quality, security, proper usage, etc.
⦁ Evaluating the existing data governance standards and policies.

Data architecture

⦁ Designing data architecture to govern how data is captured, integrated, stored, analyzed, and used.
⦁ Auditing data architecture to align it with the enterprise strategy.
⦁ SageTea Methodology / ITIL
⦁ At SageTea Software, Low Code is at the heart of what we do. Low Code takes much of the complexity and risk out of real-world problems and it’s how we support the principles of ITIL. Our System Administrator for this project is Kyrylo Kolomoiets. He is ITIL certified and can assist with guiding the project architecture and infrastructure implementation. ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management (ITILF) Issued 19 Nov 2016.

SageTea Software provides “low code” development where business analysts use the platform to describe what they want the software to do using human understandable English and the SageTea platform employs an expert system to design, develop and implement the solution. This allows for rapid “Production-ready Prototyping”. This innovation has been recognized by the Federal Government as a huge step forward, and recently SageTea Software has been awarded two Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) contracts.

SageTea Software’s core product, Text-to-Software(R), is a unique, patented system for developing customized software. The company has had major design wins with the Canadian federal government and successful solutions delivered in the Health Care and Warehousing industries.

Data integration

⦁ Consolidating data from disparate data sources with extract, transform, load (ETL) – analyzing data, financials, payroll or extract, load, transform processes and data virtualization.
⦁ Customized reporting based on critical data.

Data quality management

Data cleansing activities, data enrichment and regular data quality assurance.

Data storage

Designing, implementing, and supporting storage solutions for datasets of varying scales and formats.

Master data management

Enabling data consistency and quality across transactional and business intelligence systems with data profiling, data deduplication and standardization, etc.

Metadata management

Designing and populating metadata repositories with metadata to ensure localization of a data asset, data lineage, etc.

Data analytics

⦁ Data warehousing, analytics, and reporting
⦁ Designing and implementing the BI and data analytics infrastructure to ensure maximized data value.
⦁ Advanced analytics and data science providers.


SAGETEA Data Modelling

Our Data and Analytics strategy is based on leveraging our core SageTea technology. At the data level, our patented SAGETEA data model provides an effective way for storing and managing data. It is SQL based and compatible with all command database platforms including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, and many others. It has been in active use for over 10 years and has served our clients with smooth, error free performance in a variety of industries including Health Care, Medical, Transportation, Finance, and Government. The SageTea data model is a linear algorithm that has unique properties when used in conjunction with Machine Learning applications. Together wit with our Low Code AI platform – Text to Software, we can offer a highly customizable low code approach to building enterprise level data analytics applications.

Reverse Engineering

Our strategy works well with legacy systems and databases, where we use Reverse Engineering / Roundtrip Engineering to analyze existing requirements, databases, and business logic to leverage what is already in place and leverage more to increase value. Business analysts like working with our low code tools. We provide them with faster and better ways to deliver value to their organizations.


ETL Tool

Text To Software comes with an integrated Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) tool (SageTea ETL) that maps existing databases into the SAGETEA data model, making them easier to work with and leverage, along with supporting new customizable business reports.

AI Risk Model

SageTea Software has pre-built solutions that focus on modeling risks in unstructured data – the SageTea AI Risk model. We can analyze the types of risks through an easy to customize dictionary that labels risk statements to drive the resulting AI model. This model can also be reflected to analyze beneficial outcomes from risks, which can then be used to model areas of opportunity for an organization.

Image Processing

SageTea Software also has off the shelf AI models that can do image processing for applications such as Field of View for use in CCTV and security related applications where monitoring is required. Additionally, SageTea has licensed AI models which can predict outcomes of legal cases based on analyzing data sets from CANLII. With respect to NLP, we have expertise in designing AI based chatbots and enabling people with disabilities, such as those with visual impairment to use AI.

Deep Learning

Text to Software Deep Learning is compatible with SageTea Link Deep Learning.

Healthcare Specific Application

SageTea data analytics was initially pioneered in the Healthcare industry.


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