Our Government Projects

SageTea Software is an Ottawa-based IT company that offers a variety of benefits to government departments.  We have worked with the federal government of Canada for the past 5 years developing innovative, low-code software solutions that solve unique departmental problems.

Benefits to our government customers:

  • Our tools are low code, easy to adopt, maintain and procure through BriteSky
  • Agile solutions that can be customized to work with legacy systems, complex data and reporting requirements, workflows
  • Integrated artificial intelligence tools that enable Deep Learning capabilities for unstructured and structured data
  • Out of the box compatibility with Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access and other common database standards used by government
  • Canadian based technology
  • Actively promoting a current BCIP opportunity with our partner Integrator Software

Successfully completed projects:

Employment and Social Development Canada

In March of 2018, SageTea and ESDC completed the SageTea Link BCIP project. This project tested SageTea Link with Oracle and an AI database, identifying risks and controls in a set of audit documents provided by ESDC. This project was the first time anyone had ever attempted to explore the unstructured data (text) in audit reports using artificial intelligence. This was also the first time we connected the standard edition of SageTea Link to an AI database.

The connection was successful and we completed training of the AI using a set of survey questions given to government audit experts. In order to display the resulting information we produced a prototype dashboard focused on summarizing risks and controls. Once these integration points were successfully tested we then packaged these into two new products – SageTea Link Deep Learning and Text to Software Deep Learning.  We are able to sell the dashboard in our new Audit Plan product as a subscription based service.

Environment Canada

SageTea Software developed 31 advanced visualizations for Canada’s annual report to the United Nations on Greenhouse Gases.

Public Services and Procurement Canada

SageTea Software developed a Data Classification System using Text-to-Software. This product is now available on the Software Licensing Supply Arrangement with Text-to-Software.

In July 2015, SageTea Software was awarded a contract for a Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) project. Valued at almost $500K, the project tested the strength of our Text-to-Software development platform when working with big data. Under this contract, SageTea Software developed a Data Classification System for The Giant Mine Remediation Project, a 50-year, $500M project. This system allows secure, cloud-based access for key stakeholders to important historical and current documents related to this project. Stakeholders include federal, territorial and municipal governments, First Nations communities, and environmental groups.

Internal estimates to develop this system using traditional software technologies were in excess of $1.2M. Using Text-to-Software, we delivered the project for a development cost of less than $500K.

After that, Shared Services Canada expressed interest in monitoring this project with an eye to finding other areas to use SageTea Software to lower IT costs.

Department of Fisheries and Oceans

SageTea Software developed two applications using Text-to-Software. These were an Inspection Application for enforcement officers and the Compliance Enforcement System.  Enforcement officers needed a field application to replace their outdated paper-based inspection process plus a way of synchronizing their data once they returned to the DFO office.  Both of these applications were custom developed and delivered in just 5 weeks.