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XFone The Edge of Liberty Linux PhoneWhy we invented XFone

SageTea Software has used Linux since the company was launched in 2012. Linux has been a huge part of our success. It provides us with stable servers that are very secure with all the benefits that come with using open-source software. The one challenge we had is that there was no easy way to run Linux on a mobile phone. We decided to do something about that in 2020.

When Android was first launched, it had great potential for customization. However, Android’s owner introduced so many restrictions over the years in the name of privacy and security that making root modifications was next to impossible. With your typical Android phone tracking and recording everything its users do, its not reasonable to say Android phones are in fact more secure or private. By comparison, pure Linux is widely accepted by experts as the most secure operating system available today. We support that with the XFone Code of Conduct.

For hardware, we observed that while there were other Linux Phone manufacturers making phones – these were all small electronics companies. There is a worldwide shortage for computer chips, so manufacturing electronics is something we saw as an additional risk.

Our Edge

As a Linux expert and a software company, we decided to apply our talents to adapting widely used Android phones. Liberate them to run Linux. So, we developed a process using UB Ports. We then selected an industry standard phone that we knew would be available in large quantities. Our goal was to select an ideal Android phone which already had proven itself with consumers – then adapt it to run Linux.

This liberates the hardware from Android and in so doing the phone runs significantly faster.

Linux Phone Android LiberationThe best one for this role was the Pixel 3A. Our production process features adding telecom services, financing, warranty and support for Android apps. We integrate all this together with improvements to the standard UB Ports installation to support more business software such as Docker.

Our goal was to make a complete product that comes in a box, with everything that a typical consumer would expect – ready to go.

XFone Today

XFone Mobile is SageTea Software’s mobile phone and electronics division. Its main product is XFone, a new Linux Phone that we have customized and includes SageTea Software.

There are some hardware companies making their own Linux Phones. XFone Mobile is the first and currently the only software company making and supporting their own Linux Phone. With SageTea Software, we can leverage our decades of experience in software development to make a Linux Phone that responds to the needs of business. We are a Linux company and have been since our beginning in 2012. For us, making our own Linux Phone was the best way to give business customers a Linux Phone with a unique edge. Android and iOS cannot match XFone when it comes to Linux for business. They are just operating systems, what we provide is Linux with customized business software. Electronics companies don’t have the business software or services that come with XFone.

We researched the mobile Linux problem and solved it with the creation of the XFone Linux Phone. We have a 2 stage process for making them. We start with a Pixel 3A chassis. We then use the standard UB Ports installation procedure with Certified Pre Owned Pixel 3As. Next we add a customized Halium image using our own Over The Air updates server. Our Over The Air updates contains all UB Ports features and improvements we have made. These enable specialized features such as Docker for XFone customers. We make newly boxed XFones that come with optional support and professional services. XFone Mobile has a physical store at 405 Dalhousie Street, Unit 2 in Ottawa. We manufacture XFones at the store, sell locally and ship worldwide. XFone Mobile inventory is stocked regularly.

XFone Linux Phone
XFone is a Linux Phone – The Edge of Liberty

XFone Mobile is our new Linux Phone division, specializing in Linux based mobile phones. It turns out that this is an industry wide problem. Today there are thousands of companies running Linux. Until now the only options for going mobile was either Android or iOS. Now there is mobile Linux for business. XFone is made for business people who need a unique Edge.

Find out how to get the edge you need in mobile linux. Learn more about our Linux Phone and checkout XFone Mobile.