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SageTea Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

The Cure for EMR Software Pain

Typical medical EMR software providers too often try to force doctors to run their practices to how their software works.  Here at SageTea Software, we wondered why the current EMR software solutions cannot seem to adapt to the unique ways a doctor or their support staff like to run their practices.

After consultation with a variety of physicians, SageTea Software has created, SageTea EMR, a simple-to-use and yet extremely powerful and flexible practice management platform that helps manage any type of medical practice.

SageTea EMR will deliver:

  • Increased office efficiency
  • Better patient care and experience
  • No more paper files
  • Ease of adoption and use
  • Streamlined record keeping …

SageTea EMR is much more than a typical EMR solution; it’s a complete practice management platform for a truly optimized medical practice.

SageTea EMR includes:

  • Patient Scheduling – SageTea EMR enables patient scheduling, auto-notification of appointment reminders, email integration, and many other features that easily manage all aspects of patient scheduling.
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) – The ability to scan physical records and link them to specific Patient Records, allows for data continuity and integrated workflow.
  • Virtual Office Workflow Management – SageTea EMR is not just EMR.  It is practice optimization for the medical industry.  No matter how many exam rooms your practice has or what the business workflow is, SageTea EMR can be shaped to mirror exactly how your practice works.  You do not have to adapt to the software – the software adapts to you!
  • Forms Integration – With SageTea EMR, your forms become part of the software and workflow.  No more paper files or paper cuts!
  • Imaging – SageTea EMR can import diagnostic images directly into the patient records.  Not enough?  How about being able to annotate or draw directly on the imported images?  No matter the format of the patient diagnostic information (text or images), SageTea EMR incorporates them into one digital patient record.
  • One Touch Referrals – The process of sending a referral letters (or any other form of correspondence) can be done instantly with SageTea EMR.  Patients will love the fact that physicians can send referrals before they even leave the examination room.
  • Virtual Charting – SageTea EMR allows for the creation, management and tracking of clinical data.  Everything contained in a patient’s paper chart is now stored in an electronic medical record including clinical notes, family medical history, and appointment records.
  • Privacy – Access SageTea EMR privately and securely through SageTea Browser
  • Customizable – Use Text-to-Software® to customize SageTea EMR to meet your own specific needs.

All of the features shown above are standard with SageTea EMR; there are no expensive upgrades to get all the features shown above.

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Think a customized solution it out of the question?

Guess again.

SageTea EMR was built with our revolutionary Text-to-Software® tool that allows us to quickly and economically create customization for the unique needs of any practice or specialty.  Our team can take your ideas for your “Dream System” and turn them into reality quickly for far less money than you would expect.

For more information on how easily SageTea EMR can improve the efficiency and flow through of your practice, please fill out our Contact Form or call 1-877-722-2091 to schedule a personalized demonstration.

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