Tim Rowledge CTO

Tim Rowledge has a BSc from the Imperial College in London, an ACGI from the City and Guilds 
Institute and a Masters in Design from the Royal College of Art.  He began his career as a 
student engineer at Rolls Royce Aero-Engines Ltd after which he was awarded a Research 
Fellowship at the IBM UK Scientific Centre. During his career he has worked as Project Lead, 
Architect and Manager of complex Smalltalk projects. Tim has world-class expertise in several 
Smalltalk implementations including several years managing the development of VisualWorks 
and is the founder and long time member of the Squeak Foundation. Companies and research 
facilities where he has worked include: ParcPlace Systems Inc where he managed the 
Visual Works engineering team; Interval Research Inc where he worked on implementation 
of a Real Time virtual machine for Smalltalk; Exobox Inc. where he led the team 
responsible for all the Squeak Smalltalk virtual machine and low-level system code; 
and, HP Labs where he worked with Alan Kay to build a Smalltalk/ARM/iPad precursor.