We decode your future.

SageTea Software has invented the world’s first commercial natural language programming development platform: Text to Software. With Text to Software, clients in any industry can transform the written word into a working software system with little or no coding. This saves a significant amount of time and money.


Text to Software is designed to eliminate the need for programming.

What makes us unique?

SageTea Software’s tools are on average twice as fast and cost half as much as competitors’. As a result, Text to Software provides a huge competitive advantage. It brings outdated systems up to current standards, automatically migrates data and significantly reduces database maintenance costs. It allows companies with big data to define, capture and deliver information requirements accurately. And rapid customized prototyping significantly reduces the cost and time for software development.

Data is stored in a powerful new format that uses a patented seven-table schema called SAGETEA. SAGETEA compresses the hundreds or thousands of database tables used in many commercial applications into just seven. All SAGETEA solutions are secure, cloud-based and significantly less expensive to maintain.

Our latest product, SageTea Link, performs extract/transfer/load (ETL) functions on databases allowing organizations to unlock the knowledge locked inside legacy systems.

Text to Software is a codeless software development platform. Text to Software processes natural language and automatically creates purpose built software applications. More Info

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