SageTea Text-to-Software Enterprise
A revolutionary new software development platform.

Create custom software faster and easier than with traditional coding.  
Accelerate corporate growth with the right software solution.

SageTea Text-to-Software Small Business
If you can write it, you can build it.

Small business software solutions that are agile and affordable.
Software that puts you in the driver’s seat.

SageTea EMR
Affordable custom software solutions

EMR solutions tailored to a clinic’s unique specialty and workflow.
Easy to adopt, easy to use and exactly what’s needed.

SageTea Warehouse Management
Real-time warehouse solutions.

Software that creates digital records of every skid and customer.
Never lose an item or miss a billing.

SageTea Inspection
Data and field reporting - when you need it.

Remote data and reporting tool designed for anyone working in the field.
Save time with digital reporting.

SageTea Link
Database solutions made easy.

Do you need database updates or amalgamation that your software can’t handle?
Sagetea has the solution.


SageTea’s premier application development platform for enterprise businesses. It provides an innovative, cloud-based “expert system” that enables enterprise businesses to meaningfully engage in digital transformation.


SageTea’s premier application development platform for small to medium sized businesses. It provides an innovative, cloud-based “expert system” that enables newer businesses to grow faster than they thought possible.


SageTea’s new tool that transforms old databases by extracting, organizing and then integrating it with other or new databases. This helps people working with even large sets of data to transform it into the format they want.

We decode your future.

Build business solutions more quickly and at less cost with our innovative Text-to-Software technology.

“SageTea’s Text-to-Software platform enables us to consistently deliver solutions to our clients in the manufacturing, transportation and financial sectors.  Our SageTea partnership has enabled us to expand our business faster than we thought possible.”

Chris Devadason, CEO and Co-Founder, Shattered Glass Productions

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